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Forex Market - Did You Know

Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Foreign Exchange trading involves trading of foreign currencies, stocks and products of similar kinds/ types. While trading stocks in the international market currencies of your country and the stock of that particular company (country) is taken into consideration. Valuation of the money that you need to pay, in case you are buying some stocks (in a particular country) is done depending on the value of your currency in comparison to that countries value of currency. Those involved in the Forex market include banks, financial institutions, government agencies and corporate houses.

What makes the FOREX market different from the stock market?

Foreign Exchange as the name suggests involves a minimum of two countries and can take place on a global basis. The two countries are one, the country that invests and the second country is where the amount is being invested. Big banks do most of the transactions in the Forex market. On the contrary stock markets generally operate within a country and an individual can start trading, provided you have interest in trading in the stock market and you take all the necessary clearances.

What really makes up the FOREX markets?

The Forex market comprises of various transactions (numbers are very large in this case) and it also involves various countries. Generally Foreign Exchange trades in large values and volumes. Those involved in the Foreign Exchange business deal mainly with cash and assets that can be sold or bought at a very fast pace (liquid assets). There is no comparison between a stock market and the Forex market because the value and volume are substantially high in the Forex trade. Trading, in case of international markets, takes place throughout the day and night and at times even on weekends. You should not be surprised to know that in the year 2004 almost two trillion dollars was the daily average, as far as Foreign Exchange trading is concerned.

Foreign Exchange markets have existed for last thirty years. With the advent of computers and Internet, Forex trading has become much simpler and easier, as well as faster. Individuals and companies are getting more and more interested in Foreign Exchange market and hence this business is growing at a very rapid pace. In percentage terms Forex trading accounts for 10% of the total trade (Foreign). It might increase with time with more and more people and companies getting interested in Foreign Exchange business.

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